(Italiano) Mostre: Sguardi dal ferro

From Saturday, March 28 (opening at 18:00) and until April 6 the Church of San Pancrazio host the exhibition of the artist Patrizio Zanazzo entitled "Glimpses from the Iron." After the marble, bronze, clay and resin, the sculptor worked for the first time with a new material for him: the iron. Leading its first steps is Domenico Narduzzi, master of iron known to us, but maybe not appreciated as it deserves. The artist thus testing his technical ability and his talent. Human figures are difficult to master and great exercise. Surprise and amaze the eyes - incredibly alive, intense and expressive - the more so because we hear forged a hard material, which the author defines harder to work than any other ever experienced. Sheets of iron, bent, welded and shaped to become incredibly faces. Among them, some celebrate the current theme of Easter. The figures come in freer forms and aerial, expressing elasticity, dynamism, full of symbolic content. He learned the craft, creativity can succeed without obstacles. The iron fact offers more freedom than ever by the artist: it is light, strong, acrobatic and allows an infinite possibility of rethinking in time. Beyond the aesthetic judgment, these works stand out for their force and the viewer is touched by the energy they emit. Their view is echoed in the memory the myth of Vulcan, its focus and its momentum, so that the material more dense and thick reveals the hottest fire.