A new material has attracted the attention of the artist. This time is the cement. We are used to employe this matter in our buildings or homes or for multiple statues. Here it becomes an effective medium for artistic original creations.

A rich series of abstract and figurative sculptures is born, single works executed entirely by hands, no moulds used. We are surprised by their great variety, their movement and freshness, their accuracy.

Patrizio Zanazzo - opere in cemento

Cement owns some extraordinary qualities: harder than marble, easier than iron (!), malleable like the clay, but offering greater possibilities than the clay itself.

The artist’s freedom is complete. But his shapes not only transmit a peaceful beauty: they are ships of thought, as he used to do. Timeless wisdom inhabits those shapes giving life to them.

Even in the portraiture beautiful results has been reached, allowing us to apply cheap prices to our customers. So this is the right time: ask the artist for your portrait!